Erica and Angela, hard at work?

Scentmatchers was launched in September 2008 as an offshoot of It was created by Adam and Angela Schultz. Adam originally launched Scentcrafters, which makes custom perfume and cologne for individuals and businesses.

Shortly after Scentcrafters formed, Adam and Angela also started their life together as husband and wife. Literally a couple months after that, Angela found out she was pregnant with their first child. At that time Scentmatchers was also created. Needless to say, it was a busy period for the Schultz's!

Scentmatchers started after Scentcrafters' customers repeatedly asked if we could also provide a service to bring discontinued fragrances back to life. After enough people asked us this, we eventually woke up to the idea that, "Hey, we should give people what they want."

In 2013 we took the next step as a company and hired our two wonderful employees, Erica and Morgin. We now have over 28 years of combined experience producing discontinued fragrances, and to date we have sold over 100,000 individual bottles of discontinued fragrances.

In 2016 we decided to increase our commitment to customer service and we hired our first full time Customer Service Manager, Wendy. We pride ourselves on providing quick and prompt customer service as repeat business becomes the cornerstone of our company.

In June of 2017 we made two very important changes. We increased the amount of perfume oil we used in fragrances by 50%, which we feel increases the quality of our product by it more potent and longer lasting. Around this same time, we updated our website so it looks more modern and is easier to use and see. Particularly on mobile.

Maybe this story is getting a little long... but now in September we've had more growth and are adding more new employees. We actually took a company picture to update the one above, but since then we grew some more. So instead we are doing a collage with the new people. It will be updated soon. In the meantime we've posted a couple pictures of our office and some scent making.

Despite some initial growing pains, we are now considered one of the foremost experts in creating discontinued perfume and cologne. We look forward to recreating your memories as you become part of our story.

Angela crimping bottles with our new capping machine.