Return Policy:

If you are unhappy with anything simply e-mail us within 90 days and we'll give you your money back. No exceptions, exclusions, or fine print.

If you want a refund please e-mail: We will make the refund process incredibly easy for you.

Return Policy FAQ

Are people happy with their reproductions?

Our data shows that about 87% of our customer's are thrilled with their reproductions and are keeping them. The other 13% are returning the product for a full refund.

Why are the 13% returning them?

Everyone smells scent differently! Just like everyone see's, hear's, and taste's differently. For the exact same reproduction we will get 9 people that absolutely love it, and 1 that doesn't. Perhaps our version is slightly off in some small way that only one person notices, perhaps that person has simply changed their minds, or perhaps their memory of the fragrance is different than the reality.

Other times we get samples that are "off" (usually because they are very old) and while we match the sample, the sample itself is wrong. In cases like those we do improve the scent based on customer feedback, so it doesn't happen for long, or often, but it does happen.

It's quite common for people to return personal products. The 13% rate is actually much lower than the typical nationwide return rate for other personal items such as clothing, shoes, bags, and jewelry. These items have close to a 30% return rate when purchased online.

How do you consider a match a success?

Due to the variances discussed above, we consider our match a success if over 80% of people like it. Majority rules. We of course strive for a higher percentage and usually achieve it, but this is our minimum. What we do is not easy, and if we can make the majority of customer's happy and refund those that are not, then we feel we've done our job.